Monday, May 2, 2011

Welcome Dently Bruce!!!

We would like to share with you our newest addition to the family.
  Dently Bruce Robertson! 
April 22nd 7:08 a.m. 
19 1/2 inches
7 lbs. 12 oz. 

He is our little perfect bundle of joy! We all love him so much!  The kids just want to touch, watch, kiss, sit by, etc.. all the time.  He was taken the NICU in the late afternoon on the 22nd.  X-rays showed that his lungs were not completely full or air.  So they had to put him on the C-pap.  Which blows air continuously into the lungs to keep them inflated.  They weaned him of oxygen over the next few days.  We were so excited when he was finally breathing all on his own! YAY!!!  He was discharged Monday afternoon.  The kids could hardly wait to see him. Dently and I had WONDERFUL nurses our whole hospital stay.  It was a great experience.  They were all very kind and attentive.  They didn't seem to complain or be annoyed with our questions or needs.   Thanks UVMRC for your excellent care of us!  

 Dently was born on Good Friday!  Aweosme!  Also right before Easter.  I was excited for the kids to finally be able to go to the Easter Egg Hunts with DAD.  He is always working, but since Dently was born he took the day off!  Here are the pictures of all our Easter fun!

 Sunday walks!  We LOVE good weather.  This Sunday was perfect, minus a little wind.  : )  We took the opportunity to get out of the house!  The kids had a blast riding in the wagon and mom following with Dently in the Stroller.  Here are some cute pictures.

Dently came at the perfect time.  Both of my parents were in town for my brother's graduation from BYU, which happened to be the afternoon Dently was born. We would have loved to have been part of the graduation celebration, but Dently had something else in mind! : ) It was fun to be able see everyone and share Dently with them. 

Obviously we are all home now and are doing great.  Life is busier, but manageable. As of right now Taelin and Brick are playing Baby and Daddy.  Brick goes to work and then comes to Taelin when he is called.  It's adorable.  Dently is sleeping! He is such a good baby.  Thank you all for stopping by!  Have fun looking at the pictures! 

Love Danny, Natalie, Taelin, Brick and Dently! 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The New & Exciting 2011!

Sooo... It's a new year!  Yeah!!!  I love a new day, week, month, Year!  It is a fresh start to look forward to.  2011 has been full of fun and new things for our family and I hope that they continue! 

My Birthday was Great! Danny made me breakfast.. We spent the day relaxing and I took a nap.  Went to get Pho Noodles with my Mom and family for lunch, Then went to dinner at TX Roadhouse with the Girls and Briant! Then went to my sister-in-laws for a New Years party!  It was delicious and fun! 

Taelin went on her first Daddy Daughter Date with Dad!  Yeah!!  She loved it! They went to Trafalga where they got to watch a 3D movie where you sit in chairs that move with the movie!  Then went to McDonalds had a Happy Meal and shared shakes!  She LOVED it!  Before we know it Taelin will be in school and busy busy busy!  
Taelin was a big GIRL and had her first HAIR CUT ( not trim) Yesterday!  Aunt Shayla did it for us on the spot with my not so good hair scissors... since she knew that I would change my mind any second.  Taelin LOVES her new hair and so does mom!  She cut off 5 inches, which would be more drastic if Taelin's hair wasn't SOOOO long.  But for us it is a HUGE change!

We have been spending a LOT of time with family.   Having them over for dinner, going to the movies (Mega Mind at the dollar movie!), Cabella's, going to the Lehi Trafalga, etc.....  I hope that the good times keep coming! I love spending time with family, good friends, etc... 

We went to Danny's Basketball game last night.  It is the first game of the season we could attend because it was at a decent hour.  And..... HE ROLLED HIS ANKLE!  Luckily it was at the end of the game so that he was able to play most of it.  We had a fun time watching him play, and for the first time, Brick actually just sat there and watched the whole first half.  Then he needed to move, what two year old wouldn't?!  We hope that his ankle will heal for next weeks game!

Brick turns TWO on Monday.  All week I have been thinking how time just flew us by.  He was just our little baby and now he is all Mr. Grown UP!  He still wants mommy or daddy in nursery, and has a hard time being left with sitters.  But I guess we should be glad that he still wants us, since soon.... he will have moved on.  

Our Baby on the way is doing great!  Growing, kicking, rolling, etc....  We are excited for HIS arrival.... For those who we have not told, sorry you found out on our Blog, but I just can't remember who we have and haven't told.  We weren't going to find out the sex of our baby, but since.... HE wanted us to know, we know..... : ) There was no hiding his gender during the ultra sound!  

We Love LIFE and are excited for 2011's adventures.  We hope that you are all well... and LOVING life as well!  Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Lights!

We try to go to temple square every year!  I just love the feeling of walking in TONS of lights.  Of course there are not as many as in the past, but it is still a spectacular sight and brings back good childhood memories.  I LOVE the Christmas season.  
Here is our family picture from Temple Square this year!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!!!

We rode TRAX to Temple Square! Taelin thought it was the COOLEST thing ever! She talks about riding a bus to school all the time, so in a way this was like riding the bus to her! : )

 Taelin loved finding all of the baby Jesus statues around the square! And actually watched the Nativity Story!!!
The air quality wasn't the best the night we were there, it looked super foggy! In some of the pictures it looks like it is snowing, but it really is the fog. But is was still beautiful! 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Things we have been up to!

 Danny Ran the Ragnar in Vegas this October! 
 Val, Shayla, and Myself were the support crew! (the non runners!)
 Fun in the SNOW!

 Zucchini Multi Grain Muffins! 
 Halloween! Bettle Juice and his little Fairy Princess! Brick WAS a dinosaur!
 Brick had stitches for the first time! On his upper left forehead! 
 Coloring on each other with dry erase markers! 
 My first Apple Pie

This snow man was half bent over by the time we were home from church!

A long lost picture of family!

Grandma Bitter!
  This picture is for you! To me it looks like Howard, but I see similarities of Brick in there too! The little boy is ADORABLE! Good luck deciding who it is!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What we've been up to!

Soooo.... Officially Today for our family was the last day of Summer!  (Danny Started School Today) We have had a busy and fun summer!
This Summer we decided to buy season passes to Seven Peaks Water Park.  Taelin and Brick were both still free so it wasn't too expensive.  We went swimming almost everyday for at least two hours, so I feel we got our moneys worth out of the passes! Brick and Taelin loved the Wave Pool, Lazy River, Tad-pool pond, and the Splash pool for kids.  Over the summer,Taelin has become a really confident swimmer.  She still can't do it on her own, she wears a life vest, but she understands now to mover her arms and her legs to get to places she wants to go.  By the end of the summer she was zipping from one slide to another in the Tad-pool ponds with mom and dad watching her of course.  She LOVES the slides!  They whip her around so fast, sometimes it makes her think if she wants to go again, but without fail she goes again! Brick also loved going on the slides, chilling in his tube in the Lazy River.  Brick was sooo funny.  He would walk around to all the different kids and moms who were playing in the Wave Pool and give them this cute little look and sit down by them... I think it was his way of flirting! : ) Gotta love that kid he is adorable!  Mom go to work on her tan for the first time in years and Daddy got to dive into the fake waves wishing he was at the Beach in CA!
  Our Next Summer adventure was the LUNA Family Reunion! We had a Blast this year! The weather wasn't too hot or too cold.  The sun would shine until about 3:00 and then it would start raining!!!!!  The Mud was a new addition to my experiences in Luna.  The kids loved it! Brick would run from puddle to puddle and jump in! Good thing that he was wearing a brown outfit that day!  Taelin came running back to the house one day, and slipped and landed on her face in the mud... It was Sad, but funny at the same time!
   This year in Luna, we all HAD to use the Port o Potty or the OUT HOUSE!!!!!  Ahhhh.... these both are my worst nightmares! I always have visions a a spider biting my rear or something creepy.  I finally overcame my fears and decided it was time to just do it.  So I walked over to the Out House thinking to my self what if someone walked up to it while I was in there.   There isn't a door on it, well a full door.  The existing cover is a piece of wood that is about 4 feet tall that you slide back and forth.  And just as I am about four yards away  I look up from the ground to see Danny's Cousin Corrie with a look on her face that described what I was thinking!  hehehe we both were startled and started to laugh.  Anyway, note to self, ALWAYS look from the house to see if the Out House is in USE!!!  Taelin loved the out house it had a little spot just for her.  Actually it would fit three people at the same time if you were up for it! ( GROSS!)
 Luna had much more to offer than mud and Out Houses! We went to the rogers place and shot guns, the excursion to the BOX was fun especially on the way  home! As soon as we arrived to the Box, it started to thunder and rain.  We eventually decided that we should head back and glad we did...  The river was starting to rise, making the ground muddy and hard for some of the vehicles to get out.  We had a great time.  This year we did a zip line over a pond/lake.  My sister-in-law Megan and I were talking about how we had a weak grip and were uneasy about going on the zip line.  Megan went first out of the girls and what did she do.....  she SLIPPED off of the handle bar and smacked the ground!!!!  I was next and let me tell you, I didn't really feel like going at the moment.  I finally did and it was fun, but I didn't need to do it again.  : )
   This year in Luna I walked four miles every morning.  By the end of the week, I was jogging and walking.  It is such a beautiful place down there...  Some mornings, the clouds were still on the road and when you finally got to them if would feel like mist was in the air.  I loved it, so did Brick!  Luna overall was a success this year! We all had a good time and no one in our family was sick!!!!

Our next adventure was to Cayucos California.  We try to make it out to visit my dad at least once a year.  He lives in a little beach town where it is about 65 degrees every day and Beautiful! We love going there! Our visit this year was just pure relaxation! We didn't make any plans and just went with the flow of things! We went to the tide pools, had lunch on the beach! My Step-mom makes some of  the best Sandwiches on the Planet!!!!  Watched Danny freeze in the water with my brother Michael in the ocean.  Watched the seals off the Pier, had a bonfire and smores on the beach.  We went to the Farmer's Market in San Louse, Sooo fun! It is amazing how many people gather at this Farmer's Market every Thursday! The lines for food are soo  long and well worth the wait.  One of our favorite treats is the Roasted Corn.  So delicious! This year my brother discovered GUM Alley!!! It is an alley was that over the years people have added their gum to.  The gum layer is about 12 feet hight and 2 inches thick.  It is sooo gross!!!  We had soo much fun that we didn't want to leave, but of course vacations can't last forever.  The night after we got home, Taelin had a hard time going to bed.  All of the sudden she started to SOB!  I love my Grandpa Doug sooo much.  It was so adorable! This year Taelin had a special relationship with Grandpa Doug.  Every morning when she woke up she wanted to see him and then in the afternoon, she wanted to take him some cookies, etc...  To help her go to sleep, we called and left him a message!  Needless to say we can't wait for our next adventure to Grandpa Doug's house in the Beautiful Cayucos California.

Our next and final Adventure of the Summer was to Diamond Bar, California to visit my Mom.  The first two days we spent in San Clemente in the Condo...  It is right off of the beach! The first day the shore was made up of Rocks! What happened to the Sand?  We still played and luckly rocks are some of Bricks favorite things.  We all had  a good time..  The water was still cold, 57 degrees, Grandpa Briant got in caught a wave and came out! That was good enough for him! : )  Brick would sit on the Boogie Board and when the surf would come up to us I would take him for a ride, He had fun until a second surf came over the top of his board and got him we in the face!  Taelin learned the hard way that you don't walk out to where the water is to fill your bucket, you wait for the water to come to you! She was tumbled a couple of times the first day.  Then she had me fill the bucket with water. The second day at the beach was Awesome! The Sand was back! We also found a different spot that had better waves.  This time I went into the water.  It was a blast! The waves were perfect! By the end of the afternoon thought the waves were getting so strong that I was feeling a little DONE! Getting flipped around in HUGE waves is not fun!  The rest of our Stay in Diamond Bar seemed to go by too fast! We love California and would probably live there if we could afford it!

We had a blast this Summer and are sad to see it go we had so much free time with Danny! Having him all to ourselves every morning was the best! The kids still miss him during his busy school days.  As Taelin puts it in her really sad voice "I just love my Daddy soooo much!"  The first thing Brick wants in the A.M. is some breakfast and then Daddy!  It's cute!

We are expecting our third little addition to our family! The little one will join us around May 1st 2011! We are excited! So far the pregnancy has been totally different! I get sick on and off, but not as sick as some that I know! Taelin is so cute! When I went into the Dr's office to confirm my pregnancy, Danny stayed in the car with the kids.  Taelin was scared that I was sick and had to see the Dr.  When Danny told her that I was going to see if we were going to have another baby, she got all sad and said "But I LOVE my baby Brick!"  Danny had to explain to her that we were going to keep baby Brick but also get another one! She is so assertive and cute!  We as a family are excited for this new addition and can't wait to see what it will be.  We are not finding out at the ultra sound!   Thanks for reading!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Birthday Girl!

Taelin my little baby girl! Turned THREE yesterday! I can't believe that she has grown up soo fast! It really does feel like I had her just a little while ago.  Non the less I am not OLD enough to have a THREE year old! It is crazy how fast life goes by, but it is SOOO rewarding!!!!  I love my kids and couldn't imagine a life with out them.
A month ago we started talking about Taelin's birthday coming up.  She thought we said that her birthday was  "coming out" So ever since we talked about it she says " My birthday is coming out on June 10th " So cute!  She let me know that she wanted a Pink birthday.  Taelin has also been in love with dressing up like a princess so we combined the two and had a Prince and Princess party at the Robertson Castle. 

  Danny and I went around to Costco and RC Willey and collected boxes.  Danny assembled them together and then cut windows and doorways then we painted them pink and purple the night before the party!  They looked pretty good in the dark, and were wondering what they were going to look like in the light?!  Surprisingly it turned out pretty good.

We had pink, purple, and white table cloths, balloons, and pink Cotton Candy!  My Young Woman's leader from my home ward growing up let us use her Cotton Candy machine! It was a blast! Of course we had to test it out the day before to make sure it was going to taste all right! ; )  And of course it did! Who wouldn't like colored sugar?  Danny was the Candy Spinner.  All we needed was a Clown outfit and it would have been perfect!

Each child was given a gift bag full of royal treasures upon their carriages arrival.  Each Princess received; a Princess hat, earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, a ring pop, and a wand.   Each Prince received a sword and a ring pop and crown.

For our royal food, we had milk & cookies, grapes, bananas, and strawberries.  Then of course we had to have a Cake worthy of a Princess. ( I found a cute idea for a cake online. ) Cinderella's carriage!  I think that it turned out pretty good. 

We played two games a water balloon challenge, they had to carry a water balloon on a soup spoon to the table without it falling off the spoon. The older kids actually were able to do it and asked how to make it harder.  I then said walk faster! : )  it was fun! They had a good time breaking the balloons.
Then we played Red Rover! It was a little too grown up for the younger kids, but I think they had fun for the most part.  Ring-a-round the Rosie.  The kids seemed to have a good time.  Then we sang happy birthday had food and opened presents.  Then the kids went and played some more! Taelin was soo tired that night! It was great! She and Brick went right to sleep!  It was a good day! 

  Thank you EVERYONE for making this a SPECIAL day for Taelin! 
                                                   She loved it!!!
This was the after party! The kids filled up the cooler with water and had a BLAST cooling off!